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GE Healthcare Introduces Caption AI on Vscan Air SL Wireless Handheld Ultrasound System for Enhanced Cardiac Imaging

Thursday, April 04, 2024

GE Healthcare has introduced Caption AI, an artificial intelligence (AI) software designed for rapid cardiac assessments at the point of care on Vscan Air SL. With Caption AI, clinicians utilizing the Vscan Air SL handheld ultrasound system gain access to real-time guidance for capturing high-quality images and automated estimation of ejection fraction, assisting in clinical decision-making across cardiac settings.

Given the increasing prevalence of cardiovascular disease (CVD) globally, early detection is crucial for improving patient outcomes. However, performing prompt echocardiographic assessments at the point of care can be challenging in resource-limited facilities. The Vscan Air SL with Caption AI aims to address this challenge by empowering healthcare professionals, including those with limited ultrasound experience, to efficiently examine patients' hearts.

In light of the growing burden of cardiovascular disease and the shortage of sonographers worldwide, innovations like the Vscan Air SL with Caption AI play a vital role in enhancing cardiac care, enabling swift and confident assessments at the point of care. The integration of AI guidance in ultrasound holds great promise, aiding both experienced practitioners and novices in acquiring diagnostic-quality information promptly and accurately. Caption AI provides real-time visual guidance on probe movements and includes features such as AutoEF for automated ejection fraction calculation and AutoCapture for efficient scanning.

The Vscan Air SL, with its ultraportable design and advanced imaging performance, offers high levels of depth, resolution, and sensitivity, supported by its industry-leading single crystal transducer technology. The introduction of Caption AI on the Vscan Air SL represents a significant advancement in cardiac screening, providing users with the tools and guidance needed for high-quality ultrasound scans and facilitating early detection of cardiac disease. This initiative underscores GE Healthcare's commitment to advancing precision care, with a substantial number of AI-enabled medical device authorizations in the United States, including numerous AI-enabled ultrasound innovations.


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