GE HealthCare Unveils AI-Powered Voluson Signature 20 and 18 Ultrasound Systems to Elevate Women’s Health Imaging

Friday, April 19, 2024

GE Healthcare (Nasdaq: GEHC) has unveiled the Voluson Signature 20 and 18 ultrasound systems, combining artificial intelligence (AI), advanced tools, and ergonomic design to expedite clinician exam times while providing clearer insights into various women's health conditions. These new systems integrate top-notch hardware with adaptable software to bolster clinicians' confidence in diagnoses and treatment decisions.

Today, patient loads are rising, and health issues are growing more intricate, particularly for women facing pregnancy complications and reproductive system conditions. Simultaneously, workforce shortages pose significant challenges for health systems striving to meet these demands, with 42% of clinicians surveyed in GE Healthcare’s Reimagining Better Health study contemplating leaving the healthcare sector. To tackle patient demand and alleviate staffing pressures, clinicians need tools, including innovative AI-enabled ultrasound technologies, to facilitate swift, precise, and confident diagnoses.

"We've witnessed remarkable advancements in ultrasound technology, including AI integration, ushering in a new era of ultrasound scanning. The new Voluson Signature series offers innovative tools clinicians can depend on, with automated functions alleviating work stress and improving workflows," said Dr. Ben Csapo, Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist in Graz, Austria. "The crux of our work lies in establishing connections with patients and avoiding excessive reliance on instruments. Having a tool that enables clinicians to work smarter, faster, and more effortlessly is a significant stride forward for patients."

The latest AI-powered features on the Voluson Signature 20 and 18 introduce various efficiencies across women’s healthcare settings:

  • The "Hey Voluson" feature permits users to operate the system via voice commands, saving time and keystrokes.
  • SonoLyst*, a suite of tools leveraging AI to identify fetal anatomy on standard views, automatically annotates and measures where applicable, potentially reducing the time needed to complete standard International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG) second-trimester exams by up to 40%.
  • SonoPelvicFloor simplifies pelvic floor assessments and accelerates exams by automating plane alignment and measurements, potentially reducing keystrokes by up to 76%.
  • Fibroid Mapping utilizes AI to standardize and streamline fibroid documentation through mapping, measuring, and classifying fibroids.
  • fetalHS expedites fetal heart assessments by up to 48% by providing step-by-step, AI-driven guidance to identify normal fetal heart anatomy.
  • Furthermore, the integration of Vscan Air CL wireless dual probe with the new Voluson Signature systems introduces a flexible wireless workflow, allowing for greater freedom of movement due to its cable-free design.

"Enhanced image clarity can aid clinicians in detecting fetal abnormalities and hard-to-spot gynecological emergencies or conditions like endometriosis earlier, significantly impacting a patient’s treatment plan and overall health," said Gerald Seifriedsberger, General Manager, Women’s Health Ultrasound, GE Healthcare. "With proven time-saving AI-driven applications and advanced automation features simplifying exams, we're offering technology that enhances usability and provides clearer images. This helps clinicians navigate demanding workflows faster, ensuring greater consistency and accuracy and ultimately contributing to better health outcomes for women."

These latest solutions build upon GE Healthcare’s Voluson portfolio, which boasts a legacy of innovation delivering exceptional image quality, advanced clinical tools, and intelligent workflow to facilitate high-quality, efficient care.



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