GEDi Cube: Pioneering Cancer Detection through Data Mining Innovation

Monday, July 31, 2023

GEDi Cube, an AI/ML platform, is excited to announce the launch of its revolutionary solution that combines differential molecular capabilities with multi-omic analysis to identify cancer at its earliest and most treatable stage.

At the core of GEDi Cube's offering is a proprietary tool that utilizes explainable AI (XAI) to deliver early and accurate cancer diagnoses by analyzing genetics. The platform takes a multi-omics approach, conducting comprehensive analyses across various biological levels to uncover individual biomarkers, even in asymptomatic patients. This approach is further enhanced by the differential molecular capabilities, which enable precise identification and localization of the cancer source. Biomarker panels are also mined and integrated into a machine learning library, boosting the diagnostic accuracy.

The platform's effectiveness has been independently validated by renowned institutions, with cohorts for lung cancer demonstrating an average sensitivity of 95% in machine learning models tested on samples. This highlights the platform's ability to identify previously undetected cancers.
GEDi Cube's journey began in 2013 when it was established as Grace Systems BV, primarily focused on developing data mining algorithms for banking, finance, and government entities. However, after its technology outperformed major global corporations in cancer research during the Beyond Banking challenge organized by ABN AMRO and Erasmus MC, the company strategically shifted its focus to healthcare. Over the past few years, GEDi Cube has developed in silico validated biomarker panels for 13 types of cancer.

The platform offers numerous clinical applications, including precise cancer diagnosis at an early stage, insights into cancer reoccurrence after remission, and informed treatment decision-making to improve patient outcomes while reducing healthcare costs. Furthermore, the platform facilitates clinical trials with stratification analysis and provides custom biomarker panels for pharmaceutical companies.

Frank van Asch, Co-Founder of GEDi Cube, expressed his pride in the technology's transformative potential in cancer detection and its successful transition from financial technology to healthcare applications. As GEDi Cube enters the market phase, the company is enthusiastic about the positive impact it can make in the field of oncology.

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