Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital Launches Telehealth Program with Masimo Wearable Monitors

Monday, June 03, 2024

Masimo has introduced an innovative telehealth and remote patient management initiative in partnership with Germans Trias i Pujol, a leading hospital serving over 800,000 people in north Barcelona, Spain.

The initiative, named the SESHAT project, utilizes advanced wearable technologies and wireless connectivity to enable remote clinicians to monitor patients' physiological data in near real-time, whether they are within the hospital premises or at home.

Commencing in the fourth quarter of 2023 and extending for at least three years, the project involves deploying up to 1,000 Masimo W1® medical watches, 100 Radius VSM™ Wearable Continuous Vital Signs Monitors, 10 Patient SafetyNet™ Systems, along with various Masimo Hospital Automation™ products.

The partnership with Germans Trias i Pujol on the SESHAT project. He highlighted Masimo's mission to enhance patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs through noninvasive monitoring innovations.

With Masimo's extensive expertise, they aim to extend accurate and continuous monitoring to new settings, including homes, through wearable and remote technologies like Masimo SET®-based Masimo W1 and Radius VSM.

The potential of their predictive algorithm Halo™, AI-driven tools, and connectivity solutions to provide clinicians with actionable patient data, facilitating informed decisions and ultimately improving outcomes.

The SESHAT project aims to shift healthcare from reactive to predictive models using continuous, reliable patient data from wearable technology.

Arising from needs highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic, the project focuses on remotely monitoring patients with complex care needs to enhance health outcomes.

By integrating real-time physiological data with other health information, clinicians aim to develop better indicators of clinical progress and therapeutic adherence, ultimately transitioning to a proactive care model.

The choice of Masimo technology due to its reliability and the company's commitment to strategic collaboration. Germans Trias i Pujol sees the SESHAT project as an opportunity to validate technological advancements and identify new needs through cooperation with Masimo.

The Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital of Badalona, part of the Catalan Health Institute, is a pioneering institution in various healthcare domains, employing over 6,000 professionals and researchers. Clinical innovation remains a key strategic focus, aiming to translate clinical challenges into opportunities for improved outcomes.


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