Glassbeam Introduces New US Patent: Predicting Medical Device Failure with Operational Log Data

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Glassbeam, a trailblazer in predictive analytics for connected medical machines, has announced the acquisition of a new patent for its proprietary methodology to anticipate medical device failure using operational log data.

This patented technology is designed to accommodate diverse medical equipment from various manufacturers and modalities, thereby minimizing unplanned downtime and enhancing the efficiency of engineering teams responsible for maintaining these devices.

The patent covers Glassbeam's process of analyzing heterogeneous log files, both historical and real-time, from multiple systems to predict failure events and recommend preventive actions to reduce downtime.

The significance of this technology for OEMs and service providers in meeting the healthcare industry's demand for clinically essential equipment with high availability. He emphasized its potential to bolster user confidence in equipment reliability and uptime.

The company's journey towards leveraging AI and predictive analytics to enhance patient care and service delivery. He underscored Glassbeam's commitment to providing innovative multi-vendor solutions tailored to the healthcare sector's evolving needs.

Jones also noted that Glassbeam's Service Analytics suite utilizes this patented technology to facilitate improved diagnosis and issue resolution, ultimately improving equipment uptime and utilization.

In essence, Glassbeam's newly patented methodology represents a significant advancement in healthcare equipment maintenance, reflecting the company's dedication to innovation in the healthcare industry.


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