Glaukos Forms a Collaboration and Marketing Agreement with Radius XR, Inc.

Monday, July 17, 2023

Glaukos Corporation Partners with Radius XR, Inc. for Collaboration and Marketing Agreement. Glaukos, a leading company specializing in ophthalmic medical technology and pharmaceuticals, focusing on innovative treatments for glaucoma, corneal disorders, and retinal diseases, has announced a recent collaboration and marketing agreement with Radius XR, Inc. Under this agreement, Glaukos will exclusively serve as the sales agent responsible for marketing, promoting, and soliciting orders for the Radius XR™ wearable patient engagement and diagnostic system in the United States. Radius XR will retain its role in leading the development and commercialization efforts for the Radius XR system.

The Radius XR platform is an innovative and portable vision diagnostic and patient engagement system designed to efficiently detect eye diseases and enhance the management and treatment of serious sight-threatening conditions. This system combines medical-grade diagnostics, business management tools, and patient education resources into a wearable spatial computing device. It empowers medical professionals to make accurate diagnoses, improve patient engagement, and reduce staff workload. Moreover, patients can perform self-guided vision tests with minimal supervision, streamlining eye care practices, enhancing efficiency, and delivering a better patient experience.

Ammad Khan, the CEO of Radius, expressed the significance of the collaboration, stating, "Today is a significant milestone for Radius and, more importantly, for patients suffering from chronic eye diseases. Glaukos is highly trusted and respected by vision care providers, and this partnership will provide us with the necessary resources to expedite product development, optimize benefits for eye care providers, and enhance the overall quality of care and access for patients." Khan also emphasized the advantage of leveraging Glaukos' market-building expertise, utilizing their well-established sales team with extensive clinical knowledge and technical insight to effectively commercialize and expand patient access to the Radius XR technology.

Thomas Burns, the Chairman, and CEO of Glaukos, expressed his excitement about partnering with Radius to strengthen commercialization efforts and increase patient access to their innovative portable vision diagnostic system. Burns said, "We firmly believe that the Radius XR platform is a novel technology that can significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of diagnosing chronic eye diseases for patients while creating growth opportunities and operational efficiencies for eye care practices. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to advance the standard of care and improve outcomes for individuals affected by chronic eye diseases."



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