GT Medical Technologies Finalizes Acquisition of Radioactive Seed Assets from Perspective Therapeutics

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

GT Medical Technologies, has proudly announced the completion of its acquisition of Cesium-131 and associated assets from Isoray Medical, a subsidiary of Perspective Therapeutics, Inc. This strategic move firmly establishes GT MedTech as the exclusive manufacturer of Cesium-131 brachytherapy seeds for cancer treatments. The acquisition represents a significant investment by GT MedTech, aimed at vertically integrating the Cesium-131 manufacturing process to enhance its supply chain competencies and capabilities.

This acquisition underscores GT MedTech's dedication to expanding the use of GammaTile® in the United States. GammaTile, a revolutionary treatment for brain tumors, consists of four Cesium-131 radioactive seeds embedded within a bioresorbable collagen tile. By delivering targeted radiation directly to the tumor bed at the time of surgery, GammaTile helps eradicate residual tumor cells while minimizing damage to healthy tissue. With over 1300 patients already benefiting from GammaTile implants and ongoing clinical trials, GT MedTech aims to make GammaTile a more accessible treatment option for patients with operable brain tumors, thereby setting a new standard of care.

An important feature of GammaTile Therapy is its ability to initiate radiation immediately following tumor resection, thus avoiding any delays in essential radiation treatment. In addition to strengthening GT MedTech's position in brain brachytherapy, the acquisition of Cesium-131 expands its reach to other forms of brachytherapy, including those used for prostate and gynecological cancers.

GT MedTech sees this transaction as evidence of its forward-thinking approach to enhancing the delivery of GammaTile Therapy in the U.S. market. By reinforcing its commitment to excellence in patient care and fostering strong partnerships with clinicians, GT MedTech aims to further improve patient outcomes.

GT MedTech extends a warm welcome to the Isoray team and plans to maintain the Cesium-131 manufacturing facility in Richland, Washington. Through the integration of capabilities and ongoing investments in operational and supply chain enhancements, GT MedTech is well-positioned to advance its mission of improving the lives of patients with brain tumors and other cancers.


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