Guardant Health Updates COBRA Study Status and Expresses Confidence in MRD Test

Saturday, September 02, 2023

Guardant Health, a prominent player in the precision oncology field, has issued an official statement regarding the completion of the COBRA study, which centers on minimum residual disease (MRD) testing.

The COBRA study was meticulously designed to assess how MRD testing can enhance clinical outcomes for patients with stage II colon cancer after undergoing curative-intent surgery. The study's final results were originally slated for release in 2026.

Dr. Craig Eagle, Chief Medical Officer at Guardant Health, has expressed strong confidence in the potential of their MRD test to advance patient care and ensure widespread access and reimbursement. He also supports the decision to halt new enrollments in the COBRA study, a move based on a carefully planned interim analysis.

Dr. Eagle highlights the rapid progress made in the field since the study's inception approximately four years ago. He emphasizes the significant improvements made to Guardant Health's MRD test during this time. Furthermore, he points out the ongoing studies that are set to demonstrate the effectiveness of their MRD tests, particularly in the context of colorectal cancer and other clinical scenarios."

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