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Hanvon Technology Introduces Next-Generation BP Monitor Utilizing Korotkoff Sound Technique

Thursday, February 29, 2024

Hanvon Technology, a Chinese-based company, has introduced the world's first intelligent electronic BP Meter that utilizes the Korotkoff sound method. This innovative device combines advanced sensor technology and artificial intelligence algorithms to address the accuracy limitations seen in traditional electronic BP Meters, rivaling the precision of mercury sphygmomanometers. It represents a significant advancement in the realm of Electronic BP Meters.

Accurate blood pressure measurement is crucial for hypertension patients to avoid misdiagnosis, inappropriate treatment, and potential cardiovascular risks. The Korotkoff sound method, known as the gold standard of NIBP, involves placing a stethoscope beneath the cuff, increasing cuff pressure to occlude blood flow, and listening for Korotkoff sounds as pressure is released to measure blood pressure.

Despite its accuracy, the Korotkoff method's complexity and risks associated with mercury have led to its decline. Many electronic BP Meters currently rely on the oscillometric method, which estimates blood pressure based on oscillatory waves but often introduces significant deviations.

Hanvon's BP Meter, which is based on the Korotkoff sound method, utilizes proprietary pressure and piezoelectric sensors to accurately detect arterial position and changes in sound waves from blood flow. It incorporates a neural network-based deep learning model for precise systolic and diastolic pressure measurements, as well as automatic categorization of blood pressure characteristics for personalized management. This simplifies the measurement process and ensures accurate data collection.

Clinical trials have shown that Hanvon's device achieves a mean difference of ±1 mmHg and a standard deviation of ±2 mmHg, surpassing the ISO 81060-2:2018 standard. This level of precision provides healthcare professionals and patients with reliable blood pressure information, leading to improved treatment outcomes and reduced risks associated with the inaccuracies of the oscillometric method. Hanvon's innovation addresses a significant clinical challenge and promises to have a substantial impact on effective hypertension management.


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