HCA Healthcare UK Introduces Versius, Pioneering Surgical Robotic System in the UK Private Hospital Sector

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

CMR Surgical, a global leader in surgical robotics, and The Wellington, a part of HCA Healthcare UK, jointly announced the successful installation of the Versius Surgical Robotic System at The Wellington Hospital in London. This achievement marks a groundbreaking development as the initial implementation of this system within the UK's private healthcare sector.

The Wellington Hospital, recognized as one of the largest private hospitals in the UK, will incorporate Versius into its multispecialty robotic surgery program, covering colorectal surgery, thoracic surgery, and gynecology. HCA Healthcare UK has consistently demonstrated a commitment to innovation, evident in its established surgical robotic center where Versius is introduced to expand access to robotic-assisted minimal access surgery.

Versius stands out as the only small and modular surgical robotic system currently available in the market. Its design facilitates easy adoption by surgeons and hospitals alike. The system's modularity enables it to seamlessly integrate into a variety of operating rooms without necessitating modifications to existing infrastructure. This flexibility allows surgeons to determine the placement of ports according to their preferences and established practices, making Versius an ideal choice for a diverse range of cases and easy integration into existing workflows.

Initial applications of Versius at The Wellington will focus on complex colorectal procedures such as anterior resections and hemicolectomies. The multispecialty program will then expand to include thoracic surgery and gynecology, augmenting the hospital's existing robotics capabilities.

Versius redefines expectations for robotic surgery by offering a solution that is not only versatile but also portable and easily adaptable to different operating room setups. The system's introduction is poised to enhance the availability and effectiveness of robotic-assisted minimal access surgery.





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