Health Services Management Announces Partnership with Sound Physicians Telemedicine

Saturday, January 07, 2023

Health Services Management, HSM, announced Sound Physicians Telemedicine Services is now available to residents in the Texas, Indiana and Florida Senior Living Skilled Nursing Communities.

The adoption of telemedicine has increased significantly in recent years as a way to provide high-quality healthcare to patients remotely. Sound Physicians, a leading provider of healthcare services, recently expanded its telemedicine offerings to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). The TeleSNF Program provides SNFs and their residents with medical care in place or in the comfort of their own rooms whenever possible. With secure, video-enabled technology and integrated diagnostic tools, the TeleSNF Program can support enhanced clinical care, after-hours admissions, and general cross-coverage needs.

"Our patients and residents now have access to physicians after hours and on weekends if there's a change in condition, rather than spending hours waiting at an Emergency Room to see a doctor," stated Jim Shatz, CEO of Health Services Management. He added, "The integration with Point Click Care allows our doctors to have instant access to our resident's medical history, thus the ability to begin a diagnosis immediately. We also utilize the physicians as a "tuck-in" service for late-night admissions. It comforts our families to know that this expertise is immediately available."

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