HealthTab™ Partners with CONTOUR®NEXT Family of Blood Glucose Meters to Enhance Diabetes Patient Insights

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Avricore Health Inc has entered into a collaboration with Ascensia Diabetes Care, a global diabetes care company. The aim of this partnership is to integrate Ascensia's blood glucose monitoring (BGM) systems, known as CONTOUR®NEXT GEN and CONTOUR®NEXT ONE, with Avricore's HealthTab platform, a point-of-care testing (POCT) solution available in pharmacies.

The main objective of this collaboration is to provide better support to patients and pharmacists in Canada for managing diabetes. By linking the daily blood glucose testing results and pattern history data from CONTOUR®NEXT GEN or CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meters to the patient's HealthTab account, users can gain deeper insights into their condition and make more informed decisions about their care.

Hector Bremner, CEO of Avricore Health, expressed enthusiasm for breaking down health data silos and providing patients and pharmacists with the necessary information for improved care decisions. He also highlighted the significance of integrating a patient's device into the HealthTab platform, creating potential opportunities for further advancements.

Through the combination of daily data insights from the patient's BGM and results from regular consultations using HealthTab and its associated instruments, this collaboration is expected to offer a more comprehensive personal health data tool for effectively managing diabetes, a condition that affects a substantial portion of the global population.

Annika Pawaroo, Head of Region Americas at Ascensia Diabetes Care, emphasized the company's commitment to simplifying diabetes management and enabling data-driven decision-making for patients and caregivers. The partnership represents a significant step towards elevating patient care delivery.

The technical work for integrating the BGM systems with HealthTab is projected to be completed, and the patient interface is expected to be launched by Q3 of this year. Ongoing efforts will focus on communication and patient engagement, with both Avricore Health and Ascensia Diabetes Care looking forward to providing updates on their progress.

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