Hospital for Endocrine Surgery Celebrates Treating its 10,000th Surgical Patient

Wednesday, March 06, 2024

The Hospital for Endocrine Surgery has reached a significant milestone in its journey of healing and innovation: the successful treatment of its 10,000th surgical patient, achieved just two years after its establishment in January 2022. Renowned for its expertise in specialized surgery of the thyroid, parathyroid, and adrenal glands, the hospital has become a global destination for endocrine surgery, performing more than five times the number of such operations as any other hospital in the U.S.

The Clayman Thyroid Center, recognized as the world's highest-volume thyroid surgery practice, had the privilege of treating the 10,000th patient on February 27, 2024. Among them, Ari Fischer, aged 51 and residing in Ecuador, traveled seeking expert thyroid surgical care after being diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer. Fischer expressed trust in the recommendation of the Clayman Thyroid Center at the Hospital for Endocrine Surgery, drawn not only by the expertise of the surgeons but also by the seamless and stress-free process provided for traveling patients.

The Center offers a unique one-day evaluation and surgery process, enabling patients to undergo a comprehensive thyroid assessment and surgery within a single day. Following the procedure, patients can comfortably recuperate overnight at a nearby hotel before returning home the next day. Coordinating closely with Fischer's local healthcare providers, the Center ensures ongoing care without the need for additional travel back to Tampa. Moreover, partnerships with nearby hotels and a private shuttle service streamline the logistical aspects of patient travel, eliminating unnecessary stress.

Beyond its surgical expertise, the Clayman Thyroid Center emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach from diagnosis to post-operative support, ensuring patients receive the highest standard of care at every stage. As the Center celebrates this milestone, it reaffirms its dedication to advancing endocrine surgery, fostering innovation, and enhancing outcomes for patients worldwide. Alongside the Norman Parathyroid Center and the Carling Adrenal Center, the Clayman Thyroid Center contributes to the highest volume endocrine surgery practice globally.




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