ImageBiopsy Lab and Radiobotics Join Forces to Enhance Musculoskeletal Imaging with AI-Powered Technologies

Saturday, September 23, 2023

ImageBiopsy Lab, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, and Radiobotics, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, have partnered to advance the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in disease diagnostics for musculoskeletal (MSK), orthopaedic, and trauma cases within the DACH region.

On a global scale, musculoskeletal conditions impact a larger portion of the population than circulatory or respiratory disorders. Nevertheless, diagnostic practices in this field often rely on outdated methods, including the manual interpretation of X-rays and MRI images. These methods are subjective, time-consuming, lack standardization, and rely on the expertise of the practitioner.

Despite the increasing availability of MSK-specific solutions, there is still a need for a comprehensive solution to address diverse diagnostic needs. Through their collaboration, ImageBiopsy Lab and Radiobotics, both holding MDR and FDA clearances, will combine their expertise to provide a unified and comprehensive solution for MSK imaging, covering measurement, scoring, and fracture detection workflows.

Dr. Richard Ljuhar, CEO and Co-Founder of ImageBiopsy Lab, underscores the importance of understanding physicians' diagnostic workflows and needs before implementing AI. He mentions their close collaboration with leading MSK radiologists, orthopaedics, and traumatologists over the past years and expresses their commitment to revolutionizing the entire MSK diagnostic value chain, benefiting practitioners, patients, and healthcare systems.

Mads Jarner, CEO and Co-founder of Radiobotics, highlights the growing significance of integrated and comprehensive options in clinical workflows as MSK AI solutions gain traction. Radiobotics is excited to collaborate with ImageBiopsy Lab, leveraging their expertise and network in German-speaking regions. They plan to introduce their RBfracture™ fracture detection solution initially in this area, with potential expansion to other regions in the future.

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