Innovative Shotel™ Device for Ankle Arthrodesis Demonstrates Significant Improvement in Patient Quality of Life

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Shotel Medical has recently unveiled its innovative Shotel™ Ankle Arthrodesis Nail System, a novel device designed to address end-stage ankle arthritis. The system was utilized for the first time in a procedure in Delray Beach, Florida, last month, showcasing promising results. Just two weeks post-operation, the patient was already weight bearing with a CAM walker boot, a significant improvement compared to the extended six to eight weeks typically associated with traditional ankle arthrodesis systems. Manufactured and distributed by BioPro Implants, the patented Shotel Nail System stands out due to its distinctive curved design, enabling a minimally invasive approach with smaller incisions.

In contrast to conventional ankle arthrodesis devices, the Shotel Nail System focuses on achieving fusion at the tibiotalar joint while preserving unrestricted motion in other joints. This unique approach contributes to faster healing, a quicker recovery process, and an earlier return to weight bearing for the patient. End-stage ankle arthritis, a condition linked to substantial physical disability, affects approximately 50,000 individuals annually in the U.S. The case presented involved a patient with a progressively deteriorating ankle condition and pre-existing compromised hardware.

The innovative design of the Shotel Nail System inspired confidence in its stability and long-term effectiveness. During the procedure, the system demonstrated a smooth insertion process, utilizing a smaller incision and a notably less invasive approach compared to traditional ankle fusion systems.


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