Inovedis Introduces Milestone Achievement: Inaugural Patients Successfully Treated with SINEFIX™ Rotator Cuff Repair System

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Inovedis GmbH, a forward-thinking medical technology startup committed to introducing innovative solutions for enhanced patient care and streamlined surgical procedures, has officially reported the successful treatment of the initial two patients with the SINEFIX™ Rotator Cuff Repair System in a pre-market clinical study conducted in Tübingen, Germany.

The primary challenge in rotator cuff tendon refixation revolves around achieving a secure attachment of the tendon to the bone, ensuring a durable connection over an extended period.The conventional approach of utilizing suture anchor technology, recognized as the clinical gold standard for rotator cuff repair surgery, has been in practice for many years and has undergone continuous refinement and diversification.

Regrettably, this method is intricate and has not shown significant improvements in patient outcomes. Notably, the traditional technique often involves the stretching of multiple suture anchors over the tendon to the attachment point, potentially leading to issues such as pressure peaks, bruising, and strangulation of the tendon tissue.


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