Insightec's MRgFUS Approved for Essential Tremor Reimbursement in Germany

Monday, March 04, 2024

Insightec, a pioneer in focused ultrasound technology, has achieved a significant breakthrough in Germany. Their transcranial MR-guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) has been granted NUB status 1 for treating essential tremor (ET). This designation, bestowed by the Germany Institute for Hospital Remuneration, enables approved hospitals to negotiate additional payments within the German national reimbursement system. This development reflects the Federal Joint Committee's recognition of MRgFUS therapy for ET treatment in 2021.

The NUB status 1 recognition underscores the efficacy and significance of MRgFUS therapy for essential tremor, demonstrating Germany's commitment to advancing patient access to innovative treatments. Essential tremor is characterized by abnormal movements stemming from brain tissue irregularities. MRgFUS technology allows precise treatment by delivering focused ultrasound to target the specific brain tissue responsible for these movements.

This achievement has far-reaching implications for Insightec and eligible German patients, as it represents a vital stride in expanding access to focused ultrasound treatment for essential tremor, which was previously limited for many patients in Germany. Aymeric Leruste, Insightec's global head of value and access strategy, underscores the pivotal role of the NUB decision in ensuring the financial sustainability of offering these essential treatments within the healthcare system. This milestone is a significant accomplishment for Insightec and, more importantly, for the patients poised to benefit from improved access to innovative therapies for essential tremor.


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