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Introducing Flow2: A Groundbreaking Advanced Neuroimaging Technology Enabling Precision Neuromedicine

Tuesday, August 01, 2023

Kernel, a pioneering company in the field of neuroimaging technology, has unveiled its groundbreaking Flow2 system, a significant advancement in functional neuroimaging. With Flow2, researchers and clinicians now have access to powerful, fMRI-like functional neuroimaging through a quick and user-friendly headset, making precision neuromedicine more accessible than ever before.

Flow2 integrates state-of-the-art time-domain functional near-infrared spectroscopy (TD-fNIRS) technology and electroencephalography (EEG), providing a comprehensive view of brain activity. TD-fNIRS measures changes in brain cortical regions' oxygenation levels, offering high-resolution insights similar to fMRI, while EEG captures brainwave patterns, providing additional information about neural dynamics. This combination of TD-fNIRS and EEG in Flow2, combined with its ease of use, portability, and scalability, opens up unprecedented possibilities for studying brain function, developing robust biomarkers, and characterizing new therapies.

Ryan Field, PhD, CEO of Kernel, described Flow2 as a game-changer in neuroimaging. He emphasized how this tool can generate ample data to power modern AI tools and draw new insights to advance the emerging field of precision neuromedicine. Previously, many questions remained unanswered due to the lack of a standardized, robust, and scalable source of functional brain data, but Flow2 now fills that gap.

Flow2's technology has been validated through various publications, demonstrating both its system performance and its ability to measure meaningful responses to psychoactive substances. Building on these successes, Flow2 has been launched into several research settings, heralding the development of the next generation of highly-scalable neuroimaging use cases.

Field stated that the Kernel team spent five years perfecting the technology inside Flow2, and now it is ready for widespread use. The company's mission with Flow2 is to build the world's most comprehensive portfolio of brain-based biomarkers, which will enable entirely new types of neuroscience development.

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