Introducing Paige's Enhanced Breast Suite: Harnessing Ai For Advanced Breast Cancer Diagnoses

Friday, June 16, 2023

Paige, a global leader in digital pathology solutions and clinical AI applications for cancer diagnosis, has recently unveiled its enhanced Paige Breast Suite. This comprehensive suite of products aims to empower pathologists by assisting in the diagnosis of breast cancer, reducing subjectivity and monotony associated with manual diagnosis, and improving diagnostic efficiency and confidence. The Paige Breast Suite encompasses a range of AI tools, including Paige Breast Detect, Paige Breast Neoplasm, Paige Breast Mitosis, Paige Breast Lymph Node, and HER2Complete. These state-of-the-art tools support pathologists throughout the entire breast cancer diagnosis process, optimizing their day-to-day workflows.

Paige has introduced an advanced AI-powered tool as part of its Breast Suite, addressing the critical and time-consuming task of mitotic counting in breast cancer diagnosis. This tool aims to enhance efficiency and reduce subjectivity in this aspect of the diagnostic process. Additionally, the Paige Breast Suite includes Paige Breast Detect and Paige Breast Neoplasm, offering AI-generated results throughout the diagnostic workflow, allowing pathologists to prioritize their review of slides and cases more effectively. What sets the Suite apart is its adaptability to various laboratory settings without requiring on-site tuning or calibration, thanks to advanced training techniques.

Dr. David Klimstra, Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Paige, emphasizes the Suite's focus on providing the highest level of patient care. The inclusion of Neoplasm and Mitosis detection in the Breast Suite aims to improve pathologists' efficiency and confidence, particularly in mitotic counting tasks. With the shortage of pathologists compared to the increasing demands of breast cancer diagnosis, Paige aims to bridge this gap by supporting accurate diagnosis while enhancing pathologists' confidence, reducing false negatives, and improving efficiency.

The Paige Breast Suite adheres to rigorous regulatory standards, ensuring its clinical-grade quality. Built upon the same core technology that earned FDA approval for Paige Prostate Detect, which utilized extensive data from numerous global institutions, the Breast Suite delivers exceptional performance across diverse datasets and is suitable for real-world clinical settings.

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