Introducing The Cala Kiq™ System: Providing Signficant Tremor Relief For Essential Tremor And Parkinson's Disease Patients, Launched By Cala®

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Cala, a leading company in bioelectronic medicine focused on transforming the management of chronic diseases, has announced the commercial launch of its latest innovation: the Cala kIQ™ System. This state-of-the-art wearable device is the first and only FDA-cleared solution designed to deliver effective therapy and alleviate action hand tremors in patients with essential tremor and Parkinson's disease.

Cala has recently launched the Cala kIQ System, an innovative solution that introduces Cala TAPS (Transcutaneous Afferent Patterned Stimulation) therapy. Extensive clinical studies and real-world evidence have validated the effectiveness of this therapy, showcasing substantial tremor reduction and improvement in daily activities for individuals with essential tremor and Parkinson's disease.

CEO Renee Ryan emphasized Cala's dedication to expanding patient access and driving innovation in TAPS therapy beyond essential tremor. The expansion into Parkinson's disease allows more patients suffering from action hand tremors to benefit from this powerful treatment.

The Cala kIQ System provides patients and physicians with a convenient at-home therapy solution, offering on-demand relief for action hand tremors in a comfortable manner. Action hand tremors typically occur during intentional movement or posture.

Essential tremor and Parkinson's disease affect millions of individuals in the United States, and the demand for effective treatment options continues to rise. Traditionally, medication or surgery were the primary options for managing these conditions, particularly in severe cases. However, the Cala kIQ System with TAPS therapy offers a non-invasive, non-pharmacological solution with minimal side effects.

The Cala kIQ System assesses the unique tremor physiology of each patient and tailors a personalized stimulation pattern for tremor relief. The system is designed to be user-friendly for patients and easily managed by healthcare professionals. It delivers therapy through a wrist-worn wearable device, prioritizing comfort and usability. Additionally, patients can access online data insights via the patient portal, allowing them to track their therapy session results over time and share them with their healthcare providers to facilitate treatment plan adjustments.

Research indicates that tremors can significantly impact patients' mental health and daily activities, including essential tasks like holding objects, unlocking doors, or using a phone. This highlights the crucial need for effective and safe options to manage symptoms, which is where TAPS therapy can make a substantial difference.

Cala is committed to expanding patient access to Cala TAPS therapy. The company has become a contracted provider with major national and regional health plans, covering essential tremor for both commercial and Medical Advantage members. Moreover, the Cala kIQ System is covered by the Veterans Affairs (VA) Health System at no cost to VA beneficiaries. Cala is actively working to secure additional coverage and reimbursement for the Cala kIQ System's breakthrough designation for Parkinson's disease indication.

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