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Introduction of ECGenius 3.1 by CathVision: Enhancing Workflows and Refining EGM AI Analyses

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

CathVision, a trailblazer in the field of medical technology, has introduced ECGenius 3.1, the latest version of its ECGenius™ System software, aimed at advancing electrophysiology solutions for improved decision-making in the EP lab. This sophisticated release is tailored to enhance workflows, seamlessly integrating AI analyses into the EP lab to meet the rising demand for precise signal data in electrophysiology. ECGenius 3.1 brings a host of novel features and improvements, such as:

  1. Advanced Trigger Function: Featuring automatic calipers for accurate local activation analyses.
  2. Enhanced Comparison Functionality: Introducing pre-sized multiple windows for effortless electrogram comparisons.
  3. Increased Display Sweep Speed: Up to 800 mm/s, aiding in the identification of crucial EGM details.
  4. Expanded Connectivity: Improved connections with RF generators and large monitor displays.

This release builds upon the earlier launch of the PVI Analyzer™ and Signal Complexity™ algorithms in Q3, forming integral components of the CARDIALYTICS™ suite of AI-powered analytics seamlessly integrated into the ECGenius System. Distinguishing itself as the sole EP recording system with AI algorithms, ECGenius seeks to facilitate electrogram interpretation and deliver intelligent, automated analyses. These analyses are specifically designed to enhance ablation outcomes in intricate atrial arrhythmia procedures, providing a metric for the success of cardiac ablation.

The ECGenius System, encompassing innovative EP recording technology and proprietary hardware amplifiers, ensures the acquisition of high-fidelity, low-noise cardiac electrograms. This innovative approach marks a departure from conventional EP recording systems, notorious for capturing electrogram signals tainted by noise and artifacts. ECGenius contributes significantly to the improvement of signal acquisition quality, electrogram interpretation accuracy, and the advancement of therapeutic support. The system's exceptional data empowers physicians with intelligent automated analyses, facilitating the confirmation of successful ablation efforts in the complex realm of atrial arrhythmias, including atrial fibrillation (AF).






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