InVita Healthcare Technologies Deploys an Industry-First Counterfeit Drug Testing Software Solution at a Leading Pharmaceutical Company

Friday, March 10, 2023

InVita Healthcare Technologies, a leading provider of software solutions for healthcare, blood centers, public health, and public safety organizations, announces today the live deployment of PharmaDefense, the industry's first purpose-built software solution for counterfeit drug testing at a leading pharmaceutical company.

With counterfeit drugs costing the pharmaceutical industry more than $75 billion per year and putting consumers at risk by introducing potentially dangerous or ineffective drugs, leading pharmaceutical companies are investing in laboratory testing programs that sample drugs from pharmacies, police investigations, and customer complaints to minimize this risk. Despite this, Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) aren't designed to capture all the necessary data and maintain a complete digital record of the chain of custody to build legally defensible cases against counterfeit drug manufacturing and distribution.

The implementation of PharmaDefense will enable them to build legally defensible cases, support discovery requests, and share data across all testing laboratories worldwide to identify illegal manufacturers. "We are proud to help one of the world's most innovative pharmaceutical companies combat counterfeit drugs and support global initiatives aimed at protecting patients who depend on life-saving medicines," said Todd Collins, President & CEO of InVita.

PharmaDefense's cloud-hosted application leverages InVita's expertise in forensic software and laboratory management and provides lab operations with an effective and efficient means to manage their workflows and create audit trails for all laboratory activities. This system will ensure product integrity and quality control, while also increasing the effectiveness of counterfeit drug detection programs.



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