IQVIA and CEPI Partner to Enhance Worldwide Research Readiness for Advancing the 100 Days Mission

Thursday, October 12, 2023

IQVIA, a leading global provider of advanced analytics, technology solutions, and clinical research services, has partnered with The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) to advance the 100 Days Mission. This collaboration focuses on strengthening global research readiness to conduct rapid clinical research for vaccines and other countermeasures against emerging infectious diseases.

CEPI will utilize IQVIA's extensive clinical research expertise, innovative solutions, and global reach to enhance pandemic preparedness in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs). The goal is to accelerate vaccine development when faced with future viral threats by establishing sustainable clinical research capacity in outbreak-prone areas. This capacity will employ standardized processes, protocols, and data management systems to expedite data generation during outbreaks and the development of new vaccines.

The 100 Days Mission, supported by the G7 and G20, aims to expedite the development of safe, effective, and globally accessible vaccines against emerging diseases to within 100 days. The collaboration between CEPI and IQVIA will provide tools and resources to enhance research preparedness in underserved regions of LMICs during peaceful periods and to facilitate rapid and effective responses during outbreaks.

Dr. Richard Hatchett, CEO of CEPI, emphasized the importance of preparedness in swiftly launching high-quality clinical trials during outbreaks worldwide. The partnership with IQVIA is seen as essential for building regional clinical research preparedness, contributing to faster and more equitable responses to future outbreaks and pandemics.

Alistair Grenfell, President, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and South Asia at IQVIA, highlighted the transformative potential of the collaboration in delivering healthcare innovations globally. IQVIA's clinical networks, data, technology, and public health capabilities will play a significant role in supporting the 100 Days Mission.

CEPI's approach involves establishing regional consortia led by national and regional stakeholders to enhance research preparedness in LMICs. These consortia will identify gaps in regional clinical research capabilities and work to build sustainable research capacity for swift action during infectious disease outbreaks.

IQVIA, as a global service provider, will use its extensive reach to support regional consortia and CEPI in addressing these gaps to accelerate high-quality data generation during outbreak responses. The partnership will also involve the development and provision of innovative tools and technologies to streamline studies, particularly in low-resource settings. IQVIA will ensure quality management oversight and harmonization across multiple trial sites and regions, with the capability to provide surge capacity during outbreaks wherever and whenever needed.


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