Karoo Health Introduces Advancing Cardiac Value-Based Care Through Proprietary Technology Platform

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Karoo Health has launched, its proprietary cloud-based platform. enhances Karoo Health's established Model of Care (MoC) for cardiovascular healthcare stakeholders, including providers, payers, and patients. The platform's launch and 2024 roadmap consist of three main modules:

  • FLOW: Designed and tested to optimize Karoo Health's MoC workflow, FLOW automates tasks, interventions, and remote patient data collection seamlessly. It offers patient-facing tools for program adherence and goal tracking, along with real-time alerts and self-scheduling capabilities.
  • INSIGHTS: Acting as a Business Intelligence (BI) module, INSIGHTS employs advanced analytics, machine learning algorithms, and AI-driven predictive capabilities to turn data into actionable insights. These insights empower cardiology care networks and payers to make informed decisions, leading to improved outcomes.
  • DATA KORE: Utilizing interoperability APIs, DATA KORE integrates and sources diverse data (clinical, claims, HIEs, etc.) crucial for timely interventions in cardiac VBC. It provides secure, compliant data warehousing for efficient reporting, continuous model training, and AI application scalability. facilitates the expansion of Karoo Health's MoC across different partner types, regions, and patient demographics, enabling VBC for appropriate cardiac patients and driving optimal outcomes while reducing care costs.

A recent proof of concept by Karoo Health showed promising results: 89% of eligible patients transitioned to the Karoo Health MoC, achieving a 99% digital engagement rate among enrolled patients, and diverting 23% of patients from unnecessary ED visits. With's implementation, Karoo Health aims to further enhance its MoC, offering improved outcomes and cost savings to a broader patient population.

Karoo Health, highlights their unique approach: perfecting a value-based MoC first and then leveraging cutting-edge technology like to amplify its efficacy. Notably, includes AI capabilities such as risk stratification, which identifies patients at higher risk of adverse cardiac events, enabling tailored interventions.

Karoo Health distinguishes itself as the sole operational cardiac VBC enabler with documented outcomes, effectively improving patient outcomes and reducing cardiovascular disease treatment costs. Positioned as a pioneer in the value-based healthcare services market, Karoo Health is poised for continued success in driving innovation and value in cardiac care.


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