Kernel Launches Study Utilizing Flow2 Neuroimaging Tech for Cognitive Decline

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Kernel, a pioneering force in non-invasive neuroimaging technology, has kicked off an observational study designed to shed light on the early stages of cognitive decline. Partnering on this endeavor is the Neurology Center of Southern California, where the study's initial participants were assessed.

Leveraging the cutting-edge Flow2 neuroimaging technology, the study seeks to identify and gauge Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) by analyzing neurophysiological data extracted during various cognitive tasks and moments of rest. The study's participant pool encompasses individuals aged 55 and above who have been diagnosed with MCI, as well as age-matched healthy controls. Enrolment for this study is currently open to eligible individuals residing in Southern California.

The global tally of individuals grappling with dementia has surpassed 55 million and is predicted to double every two decades as populations continue to age. This escalation accentuates the urgency of early detection and ongoing monitoring of cognitive decline. With emerging treatments on the horizon for conditions like Alzheimer's Disease, the importance of timely interventions cannot be overstated. Kernel's portable and user-friendly Flow2 technology aims to pioneer brain-based biomarkers, potentially revolutionizing the landscape of cognitive function-related disease screening.

Ryan Field, the CEO of Kernel, underscored the monumental impact of this study. He emphasized the groundbreaking nature of the tool they've developed, one that provides a comprehensive evaluation of cognition and brain health. Through this observational study, they're aiming to demonstrate that the Kernel Flow technology can be seamlessly deployed in primary care settings to enable continuous brain function monitoring. Field's aspirations for the study go beyond assessment, aiming to uncover biomarkers directly from the source—the brain itself. This pioneering approach has the potential to pave the way for earlier detection and more effective interventions across a spectrum of dementia-related conditions.

This study represents a collaborative effort between Kernel, the Neurology Center of Southern California, and other esteemed research partners. Their united dedication to advancing cognitive health research and enhancing patient care is evident. By leveraging their collective expertise and state-of-the-art technology, their shared goal is to develop personalized interventions for cognitive decline that can make a real impact on patients' lives.

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