Labcorp Launches Global Trial Connect to Speed Up Clinical Trials

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Labcorp, a prominent provider of innovative laboratory services worldwide, has announced the launch of Labcorp Global Trial Connect. This suite of central laboratory solutions is aimed at accelerating clinical trials at investigator sites, the core of clinical research.

EVP and President of Central Laboratories and International at Labcorp, emphasized the essential role of the patient-investigator-biopharma sponsor relationship in successful clinical trials.

Highlighted that Global Trial Connect aims to simplify investigator workflows, enhance the patient experience, and enable biopharma sponsors to expedite therapy development.

As a leading global central laboratory, Labcorp is committed to accelerating clinical trials by focusing on enhancing the investigator site experience from study initiation through patient recruitment and data collection.

Labcorp Global Trial Connect is designed for current Labcorp Central Laboratory clients and integrates advanced digital and data solutions to expedite clinical study startup, maintain study momentum, and enhance study efficiency. Key features include:

  • Site enablement resources: Enhances patient access and recruitment, identifies new study opportunities, and promotes diversity in clinical trials.
  • Supply readiness support: Improves study startup efficiency, reduces trial delays, and minimizes supply and kit waste.
  • Site workflow facilitation: Integrates sample collection and tracking data, offers actionable analytics to sites and sponsors, and reduces errors and data revisions through eRequisition functionality.
  • Study management and investigator support: Provides 24/7 site support, on-demand tools, and training to accelerate study startup and maintain study momentum.

Labcorp Global Trial Connect underscores Labcorp's dedication to advancing clinical trials by optimizing processes critical to investigator sites and fostering collaboration among stakeholders in biopharma research.






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