Life Spine Announces Rapid Industry Adoption of Micro Invasive™ Expandable Portfolio

Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Life Spine, a leading medical device company specializing in spinal disorder treatments, has announced the successful sale of over 41,000 Micro Invasive Expandable Implants. This achievement reflects the growing adoption of their innovative portfolio in the spine market.

Michael Butler, President and CEO of Life Spine, attributes the rapid acceptance of their Micro Invasive™ expandable products to the company's commitment to challenging the industry's norms. He emphasizes their extensive intellectual property and long-standing expertise in expandable spine technology, which has played a pivotal role in their success. Over the years, Life Spine has collaborated closely with the surgical community, resulting in over 355 patent filings, 14 expandable products already on the market, and an additional 12 in various stages of development.

The Micro Invasive expandable portfolio by Life Spine offers solutions for various spinal procedures, including PLIF (Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion), TLIF (Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion), Lateral, and ISP (Interbody Spacers) Fixation. Among their product offerings are ProLift®, ProLift Lateral, ProLift Lateral Fixated, TiBOW®, ProLift Wedge, TruLift®, LongBow®, and AILERON®.

Life Spine has recently introduced two new additions to their expandable product line: ProLift Lateral HELO Fixated and ProLift Micro. These innovative implants address significant gaps and opportunities in the market, providing surgeons with advanced solutions.

ProLift Lateral HELO Fixated offers several features and benefits, including up to 8mm of continuous expansion, lordotic expansion capabilities ranging from 5˚ up to 20˚, the ability to collapse/expand in situ for repositioning, built-in stabilization plate for enhanced stability, Osseo-Loc® Surface Treatment Technology with 400-600 Micron Porosity, and in situ graft delivery.

ProLift Micro, on the other hand, offers an endoscopic approach with a 10mm cannula and an 8mm implant, providing up to 5mm of continuous expansion. The cannula protects surrounding tissue and nerves, while the endoscopic approach improves access to the disc space. Like the ProLift Lateral HELO Fixated, it also features Osseo-Loc® Surface Treatment Technology with 400-600 Micron Porosity and in situ graft delivery.

Life Spine's Micro Invasive solutions are designed to offer multiple advantages in the operating room. By saving time, reducing costs, and enabling faster and less invasive procedures, these solutions contribute to accelerated patient recovery and support outpatient care.

In conclusion, Life Spine's achievement of selling over 41,000 Micro Invasive Expandable Implants highlights the growing acceptance and demand for their innovative solutions in spinal disorder treatments. The company's commitment to challenging industry norms, extensive intellectual property, and close collaboration with the surgical community have contributed to their success. With a comprehensive portfolio of expandable products and a focus on micro-invasive solutions, Life Spine aims to enhance surgical outcomes, improve patient recovery, and drive advancements in spinal care.

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