LivaNova Initiates Limited Commercial Release in Europe of the Essenz Perfusion System for Cardiopulmonary Bypass Procedures

Thursday, February 09, 2023

LivaNova PLC, a market-leading medical technology and innovation company, today announced the start of a limited commercial release for the Essenz™ Perfusion System*. The release has been initiated in select centers throughout Europe, following a successful clinical experience in two major centers, Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven, Netherlands and San Donato Hospital in Milan, Italy. Consisting of a next-generation heart-lung machine (HLM) and a transformative patient monitor, Essenz puts data at the forefront to deliver a patient-tailored approach that supports data-driven decisions during life-saving cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) procedures.

Catharina Hospital was the first hospital in the world to carry out clinical cases with the Essenz Perfusion System. “We are proud to be the first to have introduced the Essenz Perfusion System to our clinical practice, particularly given the great involvement we had with the system throughout the development process,” said Eddy Overdevest, Perfusionist at Catharina Hospital. “From the first day in the operating room, we felt a level of confidence that has allowed us to immediately move into a variety of clinical cases, trusting the system and our own ability to work with it. With the Essenz Perfusion System, we’re entering a new era where technology and the expertise of the perfusionist can seamlessly come together to provide personalized care for our patients.”

“We are very satisfied with the way the machine is performing and excited to finally be able to use it to support patients during open-heart procedures,” said Mauro Cotza, Chief Perfusionist at San Donato Hospital. “We were pleased to be the first hospital in the world to place a patient on bypass with Essenz during a minimally invasive mitral valve replacement surgery.”

The Essenz Perfusion System is based on 50 years of trusted partnership with perfusionists. LivaNova worked hand in hand with more than 300 perfusionists around the world who participated during every step of design and development to address their evolving needs in the operating room (OR), with an emphasis on patient safety and risk management. The comprehensive system provides flexibility and scalability to optimize intra-operative care coordination.

The Essenz Perfusion System is built on the legacy LivaNova S5™ HLM. The Essenz HLM cockpit and Essenz Patient Monitor are connected but operate separately. Plus, each pump on Essenz is controlled individually.

Accurate sensing technology and an intuitive dashboard on the Essenz Patient Monitor provide data during a case. With an intuitive user interface, the Essenz Patient Monitor continuously records and displays data and events together to assist the perfusionist throughout a procedure.

The Essenz Perfusion System features an ergonomic design, including advanced cable management and a mast-mounted design to keep the area clean and hygienic. The innovative cockpit provides one central view to control the device and check all perfusion and patient parameters. Mast-mounted pumps allow the user to position the disposables at their discretion (i.e., oxygenator and perfusion tubing set).

Further, the Essenz Perfusion System is backed by a responsive service team of dedicated, local engineers in more than 100 countries, along with a global support center to address any needs.

“During open-heart procedures, perfusionists play a critical role and the perfusion system they use acts as the patient’s heart and lungs during the operation,” said Marco Dolci, President, Cardiopulmonary at LivaNova. “Throughout the Essenz design process, we heard directly from perfusionists that they need a flexible and reliable system that gives them access to comprehensive data to inform their patient-tailored support in the OR. With the combination of next-generation hardware and software, the Essenz Perfusion System will serve patients and empower perfusionists to make informed decisions as they provide increasingly tailored patient care.”

Both the Essenz HLM and Essenz Patient Monitor have received CE Mark and are currently pending regulatory approval in other key geographies. Learn more about the Essenz Perfusion System and Essenz Patient Monitor on the LivaNova website.

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