LiVeritas Biosciences Unveils LiLii™ Platform for Streamlined Drug Development and Laboratory Operations with AI

Thursday, July 20, 2023

LiVeritas Biosciences, Inc. has announced the beta testing of their LiLii™ platform, an advanced, fully integrated laboratory ecosystem leveraging proprietary LiVeritas® AI (artificial intelligence). The platform aims to simplify workflows, increase efficiency, and optimize productivity for drug developers at all stages of development.

LiLii™ is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, providing analytical tools and an AI biopharma knowledge base. It empowers drug developers with streamlined data processing, analysis, and reporting, all through a single intuitive interface. The platform eliminates the need for multiple software packages, promising faster generation of superior quality data and analytics, thus speeding up drug development.

The LiLii™ platform unifies project management, CRM, document management, and communications capabilities, facilitating instantaneous translation of sample information into useful data, significantly reducing project initiation time. Moreover, it enhances communication between clients and LiVeritas, ensuring transparency and traceability.

LiLii™ offers at least 15 times faster sample data processing with improved data integrity compared to conventional manual methods. This optimization leads to more cost-efficient outcomes with reduced risk.

Dr. Nina Cortina, Co-Founder, and VP Technology Development at LiVeritas, highlighted the platform's role as an information aggregator, enhancing analytical services delivery.

Aside from biopharma applications, the LiLii™ platform can integrate into various analytical testing laboratories regardless of the industry, elevating analytical skill sets with its AI capabilities.

Lieza Danan, Ph.D., Co-Founder, and CEO of LiVeritas Biosciences, emphasized the platform's scalability, designed to rapidly generate consistent, high-quality data for actionable insights in Biopharma Industry 4.0 and beyond.

The LiLii™ platform's modular and expandable architecture allows easy interfacing with existing ERP systems to support business strategies.

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