LivsMed Teams Up with AcuityMD to Promote ArtiSential Instruments for Cost-Efficient Excellence

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

LivsMed, the manufacturer of ArtiSential articulating laparoscopic surgical instruments, has entered into a partnership with AcuityMD, a provider of a novel commercial platform for MedTech companies. The collaboration aims to boost the commercialization of ArtiSential products in the United States.

ArtiSential instruments are characterized by a double-jointed end effector and an ergonomic grip, enabling surgeons to work with greater flexibility and precision in laparoscopic surgeries. They offer similar articulation benefits to expensive robotic platforms but at a significantly lower cost, while also providing tactile feedback that robotic systems cannot deliver.

LivsMed, as a growing startup, faced considerable challenges in the commercialization process. Their customer base included surgeons from various specialties involved in a wide range of laparoscopic surgeries, from general and bariatric to gynecological and thoracic procedures. With a limited sales team, identifying potential customers became a time-consuming process, which ultimately slowed down revenue generation. Moreover, the turnover of sales representatives, particularly in the post-COVID era, posed challenges for their expanding team.

Despite the increasing prominence of robotic surgery, LivsMed remains committed to offering advanced and affordable options for non-robotic surgical procedures. Their innovative instruments bring substantial value to complex surgeries.


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