Luscii Partners with Jamf to Broaden Remote Patient Monitoring Availability via iPads to a Widespread Patient Base

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Luscii, a leading provider of remote patient monitoring solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Jamf, a renowned expert in managing and securing Apple devices in professional settings. This collaboration is focused on expanding the accessibility of remote patient monitoring through iPads to a global patient population numbering in the millions. The timing of this partnership is significant, coinciding with Apple's recent announcement of HealthKit integration into iPads, which promises to advance patient care through innovative digital solutions.

This partnership combines Luscii's expertise in remote patient monitoring with Jamf's cutting-edge capabilities in Apple device management and security. Together, they aim to transform how healthcare professionals interact with their patients by seamlessly integrating Luscii's care at home platform with Jamf's device management software. This integration allows healthcare organizations to efficiently and securely deploy iPads for delivering remote care solutions.

Luscii's care at home platform enables healthcare professionals to monitor patients remotely, facilitating early detection of health issues, reducing hospital admissions, and improving patient outcomes. It is currently employed for over 130 different medical conditions and 200 care pathways. With the support of Jamf's device management solution, healthcare providers can ensure that iPads used for remote patient monitoring comply with stringent healthcare data privacy regulations, are securely configured, and receive regular updates.

Prof. Daan Dohmen, the founder of Luscii, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership's potential to expand access to digital health solutions, particularly for vulnerable patients. He stated that the collaboration will revolutionize healthcare delivery, ensuring that no patient is left behind.
In addressing issues of digital inclusion, Luscii and Jamf aspire to create a more equitable healthcare landscape, where healthcare organizations can seamlessly offer remote patient monitoring to all patients through a managed iPad solution.

Breean Moreno, Senior Solution Partner Manager at Jamf, highlighted the partnership's significance, emphasizing that their device management solutions combined with Luscii's remote monitoring platform will empower healthcare organizations to provide personalized and effective care to patients, regardless of their location.
This partnership between Luscii and Jamf represents a substantial advancement in patient-centered care delivery, leveraging technology to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and patients. The collaboration has the potential to transform healthcare by enabling remote care options, improving patient outcomes, and reducing healthcare costs for millions of patients. Importantly, this partnership aligns with Apple's recent announcement of HealthKit integration into iPads, expected to be implemented in September of this year.


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