Mainz Biomed and Bioclinica Introduce ColoAlert® in Romania to Enhance Colorectal Health Screening

Thursday, October 05, 2023

Mainz Biomed NV, a company specializing in molecular genetics diagnostics with a focus on early cancer detection, has announced the official launch of its flagship product, ColoAlert®, in collaboration with Bioclinica, a prominent leader in the healthcare sector in Romania. This partnership signifies a significant stride toward improving healthcare outcomes within the country by introducing advanced diagnostic solutions.

Romania faces one of the highest incidences of colorectal cancer (CRC) in Europe, yet there is currently no national screening program in place. Population data from Romania underscores the urgent need for accessible diagnostic tests to enhance CRC screening practices. With a population of 1.6 million individuals aged 40 to 49, 6.1 million aged 50 to 74, and 1.5 million aged over 75, the potential market for ColoAlert® is substantial, with an estimated need for 9.2 million tests annually.

The collaboration with Bioclinica greatly enhances Mainz Biomed's mission. By leveraging Bioclinica's renowned expertise and extensive network, ColoAlert® will be made readily available to a significant portion of the Romanian population. Bioclinica, a reliable healthcare product supplier with over two and a half decades of expertise in medical diagnostics, operates a network of 15 associated laboratories and 146 collection points across Romania. Mainz Biomed and Bioclinica will jointly undertake co-marketing efforts to ensure the successful commercial launch of ColoAlert® throughout the country.

Darin Leigh, Chief Commercial Officer of Mainz Biomed, expressed enthusiasm regarding the accessibility of ColoAlert® in Romania through their partnership with Bioclinica. He stressed the shared commitment to introducing state-of-the-art diagnostic solutions that can significantly impact public health. Early detection plays a pivotal role in combatting diseases like colorectal cancer, and their collaboration with Bioclinica aligns with their mission to make diagnostic tests more accessible to individuals, providing them with an advantageous head start in dealing with this disease.

Colorectal cancer remains a substantial global public health concern, with a disproportionate impact on Europeans. Despite representing a small fraction of the world's population, approximately 25% of all annual cancer cases occur in Europe. As the second most lethal cancer on the continent, CRC necessitates innovative solutions to transform its diagnosis and treatment landscape. ColoAlert®, developed by Mainz Biomed, directly addresses this challenge by offering an efficient and user-friendly screening test, empowering individuals to take proactive measures against CRC.

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