MCI Onehealth Provides Update on Subsidiary Khure Health

Wednesday, February 08, 2023

MCI Onehealth Technologies Inc., a clinician-led healthcare technology company focused on increasing access to and quality of healthcare, is pleased to provide news of a recently demonstrated positive impact on patient care from use of the technology platform provided by Khure Health, an MCI wholly-owned subsidiary that provides AI-powered clinical intelligence technology and services to physicians to support earlier diagnosis of rare diseases and now also chronic conditions.

Khure Health’s clinical intelligence platform now supports physicians with over 110 rare and chronic disease-specific AI algorithms designed to help physicians save precious time and identify patients with potential risk of these complex diseases earlier in their disease progression to help physicians end their suffering and save lives.

Khure Health is pleased to announce its first peer-reviewed publication in The Canadian Journal of Kidney Health and Disease. “Impacting management of chronic kidney disease through primary care practice audits: A quality improvement study” by authors A. Mosa, D Watts, and N. Tangri.1

The paper summarizes the use of Khure’s technology to compliantly screen 361,299 primary care electronic medical records, across 201 Ontario practices, which led to the identification of 8,194 patients with Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease at risk for progression or cardiovascular events. From these at-risk patients, 2,010 individuals (10 patients per practice) at high or moderate risk were selected by the physician for a chart audit via Khure Health’s clinical platform. Physicians then made clinical decisions regarding appropriate additional testing or prescription of disease-modifying therapy, which occurred in 24% of these patients. The paper concludes that an AI-enabled EHR clinical decision support application can enable improved laboratory testing and management.

“Khure Health’s mission is to help physicians identify rare, complex and chronic diseases earlier in their disease progression to end suffering and save lives. This paper demonstrates the validity of the Khure platform as much-needed support for overburdened doctors, helping them immediately optimize the care of their patients at risk of rare, complex and chronic disease,” said Don Watts, President of Khure. “The patients who received care pathway changes from their physician as a result of the support our technology provided, may now have a better chance to slow their disease progression and perhaps not need dialysis or a kidney transplant in the future.”

“We are very proud to be helping physicians make such a measurable impact for their patients. Early diagnosis and preventive care, through the use of advanced technology to support physicians, can not only help to support improved quality of life for patients, but if broadly deployed, can also help to save significant health system costs. We’re excited to be rapidly scaling the deployment of Khure Health’s clinical intelligence platform to primary care physicians and specialists across Canada and internationally,” said Dr. Alexander Dobranowski, MCI Onehealth CEO. “Khure’s success is a key factor fueling MCI’s accelerating growth in higher-margin, data-driven and clinical research initiatives that have direct benefit for patients.”

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