Memora Health Partners with Moffitt Cancer Center to Scale Data-Driven Cancer Care

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Memora Health and Moffitt Cancer Center have announced a partnership to scale data-driven cancer care.

The groundbreaking collaboration will combine Moffitt's oncology expertise with Memora's clinical intelligence care platform to enhance the patient experience and give Moffitt's clinicians and provider’s direct access to the platform in order to meet urgent patient requirements.

Clinicians all over the world frequently use Moffitt's clinical insights to inform treatment choices for patients getting oncology care. However, these clinical insights have not been used to directly engage with patients in a manner that would allow them to be educated, adhere to their treatment regimens, and be monitored for symptoms specific to their diagnosis.

By automating care journeys, Memora's platform makes complicated care delivery for patients and their providers simpler. The programme offers patients constant two-way contact about their care and intelligently assigns patient questions and clinical concerns to the best members of the care team.

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