Menarini Announces an Exclusive Distribution Agreement for Boditech's AFIAS-10 System

Thursday, April 20, 2023

A.Menarini Diagnostics S.r.l. (Menarini) is pleased to announce an exclusive distribution agreement for the AFIAS-10 System and IGRA-TB Assay (among others), building on several years of fruitful collaboration with Boditech Med Inc. (Boditech) in Italy.

This agreement grants Menarini with immediate availability the exclusivity for the distribution - in 34 countries across Europe - of the integrated sample-to-answer system AFIAS-10, a fully automated diagnostic platform that can perform independently 10 different tests in parallel.

AFIAS-10 features an easy-to-use testing procedure directly from blood collection tubes with multi-testing performance that provides prompt results and allows the quick transmission of medical information. The all-in-one cartridge for the AFIAS platform is ready-to-use and contains all assay reagents. At present it is available for the measurement of over 50 parameters.
IGRA-TB is a cytokine release assay for quantitative determination of Interferon Gamma (IFN-γ) produced by human blood cells stimulated with Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) antigens. In particular, the AFIAS IGRA-TB test is a simple, fast and cost-efficient fluorescent immuno-assay that can be used on the AFIAS-10 platform, an optimal latent tuberculosis testing solution for a large range of laboratories typology.

Tuberculosis is one of the leading causes of death globally(1). According to WHO, an estimated 10.6 million people contracted tuberculosis worldwide and a total of 1.6 million people died from the disease in 2021(1). In Europe, an estimated 230,000 people fell ill with tuberculosis in 2021 and, for the first time in two decades, the incidence rate is estimated to have increased by 1.2% compared to 2020(2)

Fabio Piazzalunga, Global Head of A. Menarini Diagnostics S.r.l., stated: "This agreement represents a great opportunity for our Company to contribute to the required efficiency of IVD services by bringing a highly innovative system for the immuno-assay single test market onto the EU market, being Afias-10 a perfect fit for decentralized use with cost effective positioning. The platform portfolio of assays includes tests with high medical value such as Latent Tuberculosis Testing. AFIAS-10 distribution will benefit from leveraging our strong sales and marketing forces deployed in the countries covered by the agreement".



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