Microbot Medical Successfully Concludes Extensive Pre-Clinical Study in the US

Friday, June 30, 2023

Microbot Medical, the developer of the groundbreaking LIBERTY® Robotic Surgical System, has announced the successful completion of an extensive pre-clinical study conducted by renowned key opinion leaders (KOLs) at a prestigious research lab in New York.

During the study, a team of accomplished interventional radiologists utilized the LIBERTY system to perform numerous catheterizations, including remote operation capabilities, targeting specific blood vessels. The study achieved a remarkable 100% success rate in reaching the intended targets without any observed complications.

Notably, this study marked a significant milestone as it was the first time that industry executives from prominent medical organizations were allowed to participate alongside the KOLs. Real-time feedback from the participants confirmed the system's intuitive interface, ease of setup and use, and the added value of remote control functionality offered by the LIBERTY Robotic Surgical System. The input received from industry participants strongly aligns with the anticipated market value of LIBERTY, providing valuable insights that will support future adoption and commercialization efforts.

Harel Gadot, Chief Executive Officer of Microbot, expressed the company's commitment to cultivating close relationships with international KOLs and the inclusion of medical industry executives in their studies. Microbot believes that the LIBERTY Robotic Surgical System holds immense potential to benefit patients, physicians, and commercial organizations in the medical field. With successful studies conducted in Europe and now in the United States, the support and endorsement received serve as significant milestones in Microbot's future commercial plans.

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