MicroVention Introduces LVIS™ EVO™ Intraluminal Support Device in the U.S.: The Next Evolution in Stent Technology

Thursday, June 27, 2024

MicroVention, Inc., a neurovascular company and subsidiary of Terumo Corporation, has launched its LVIS™ EVO™ Intraluminal Support Device in the United States.

Previously available in Europe since 2019 with over 12,000 units sold, LVIS EVO is now aimed at treating wide neck intracranial aneurysms in the US market.

LVIS EVO is the first fully visible coil-assist intracranial stent in the US, offering enhanced visibility, optimized deployment, and precise positioning.

It features a DFT wire construction and advanced braid design, ensuring improved confirmation of wall apposition due to its full visibility under fluoroscopy.

The optimized braid angle allows for consistent opening along its entire length, while precise placement capabilities enable controlled delivery and the ability to resheath up to eighty percent of its length.

Compatible with MicroVention’s Headway™ 17 Advanced Microcatheter and Scepter C™ and Scepter XC™ Occlusion Balloons, the LVIS EVO meets specific needs in treating wide neck intracranial aneurysms.

Vice Chair of Neurosurgery at Yale University, commented, “I’ve really enjoyed getting to use and know EVO. With improved visibility and the ability to shelf the stent across the aneurysm neck, it’s become my tool-of-choice for stent-assisted coiling.”

“Today’s announcement underscores MicroVention’s commitment to delivering groundbreaking solutions for hemorrhagic stroke treatment.” 

“By collaborating closely with leading physicians globally and translating insights into innovative technologies, we aim to save lives and enhance patient outcomes.”

The LVIS EVO device is indicated for use with neurovascular embolization coils in patients aged 18 and older, specifically for treating wide-neck saccular intracranial aneurysms with specific dimensional criteria arising from suitable parent vessels.






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