Myriad Genetics Introduces Breast Density Analysis as Part of MyRisk® Breast Cancer Risk Assessment with RiskScore® Integration

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Myriad Genetics, Inc a leading company in genetic testing and precision medicine, has made an important announcement about their MyRisk® Hereditary Cancer Test with RiskScore®. They have now included breast density analysis using Tyrer-Cuzick version 8 (TCv8), which provides patients and healthcare providers with a more comprehensive assessment of their five-year and remaining lifetime risk for breast cancer.

This enhancement in MyRisk with RiskScore marks the first breast cancer risk model to incorporate breast density, personal/family clinical history, and a polygenic risk score (PRS) based on genetically determined ancestry. By combining these factors, the accuracy of breast cancer risk estimation is significantly improved.

Breast density plays a crucial role in breast cancer screening and diagnosis. In line with this, the Federal Drug Administration has recently mandated that mammography facilities notify patients about their breast density by September 2024. Higher breast density can make it more challenging to detect breast masses or cancer during screenings, potentially requiring additional imaging tests. Incorporating breast density information into MyRisk with RiskScore and Myriad's recently launched cancer risk assessment program is expected to enhance personalized patient care and aid in the early detection of breast cancer, thereby increasing the likelihood of successful treatment.

The integration of TCv8 for estimating breast cancer risk, considering clinical factors, family history, and breast density, has received praise from experts at SimonMed, a leading radiology practice. They believe this advancement will save lives by enabling personalized imaging pathways.

In addition to the breast density analysis, Myriad shared data from a study titled "A breast cancer risk model incorporating TCv8 and a PRS for diverse ancestries" at the 2022 American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting. The study's results showed that the inclusion of PRS significantly improved risk stratification beyond TCv8 alone, suggesting the potential for more personalized breast cancer risk reduction and early detection strategies, such as preventive medications or increased surveillance.

Melissa Gonzales, President of Women's Health at Myriad Genetics, emphasized the importance of breast density analysis in improving early detection and highlighted Myriad's commitment to providing advanced tools for comprehensive breast cancer risk assessment based on individual risk factors.

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