NantNudge and DnaNudge Unveil Innovative Genomic Handheld with Point-of-Decision Lab-in-Cartridge PCR Test

Tuesday, November 07, 2023

DnaNudge, a trailblazer in medical and consumer genetics testing, has recently announced a substantial multi-million-dollar partnership with NantNudge, a visionary organization dedicated to advancing genomics and AI at the point of decision-making. This collaboration is set to bring rapid, lab-free point-of-decision diagnostics to a global audience encompassing Central, South, and North America, as well as Africa, at an accelerated pace.

Under this partnership, NantNudge will take on the role of developing, manufacturing, and distributing innovative medical and consumer diagnostic tools, predictive software, and services. The focus of these innovations will be on promoting a healthy lifestyle through personalized dietary and skincare recommendations, alongside real-time PCR diagnostics for infectious diseases and cancer.

One standout product from this collaboration is the NantBeam, which seamlessly connects to your mobile device and harnesses AI-driven data to provide tailored guidance on food and cosmetic choices based on your unique genomics. A key mission for NantNudge is to obtain regulatory approvals for point-of-decision diagnostics for infectious diseases such as Covid, flu, RSV, tuberculosis (TB), bacterial infections, and cancer risk, paving the way for personalized treatments grounded in individual genomics signatures.



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