Neuronoff Reports Successful Initial Human Trial of Injectrode Technology for Chronic Pain Management

Thursday, February 01, 2024

Neuronoff, a forward-thinking medical device company focused on advancing neuromodulation techniques, has announced a significant milestone: the successful implementation of the Injectrode® in its first human trial. This innovative approach to managing chronic pain involved implanting the Injectrode® in two participants, targeting peripheral nerve branches in the lumbar lower back—a critical area for novel lower back pain treatments. This achievement marks a significant step forward in minimally invasive neuromodulation therapies, aiming to address the common patient concerns associated with surgical interventions for chronic pain management.

The Injectrode® is designed to be a discreet, long-term solution, virtually invisible from the outside, thus preserving patient privacy and comfort. Unlike traditional methods, the Injectrode® does not involve protruding wires or noticeable bulges, presenting a much-improved aesthetic for patients undergoing neuromodulation therapy. Its innovative design offers patients the advantage of minimal scarring, as it is inserted using an 18-gauge needle, unlike traditional surgical procedures.

This milestone brings us closer to providing simpler treatment options for patients suffering from chronic pain while reshaping the paradigm of peripheral nerve stimulation. The Injectrode®'s focus on peripheral nerve stimulation through minimally invasive transcutaneous methods represents a promising shift away from drug-based or invasive surgical interventions. By effectively targeting nerve stimulation with minimal off-target muscle activation, the Injectrode® shows promise in effectively addressing chronic lower back pain.

In summary, Neuronoff's successful trial of the Injectrode® represents a significant advancement in chronic pain management and holds promise for a more accessible and effective treatment approach for patients enduring chronic pain conditions.





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