NeuroVigil Launches iBrain™ in the US: A Milestone in Neurotechnology

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

NeuroVigil, a prominent player in Silicon Valley's neurotechnology sector, has unveiled its groundbreaking iBrain™ Personal Brain Monitor in select U.S. states. Alongside this milestone, the company recently sold 4% of its shares for a substantial sum exceeding $85 million, effectively valuing NeuroVigil at over $6 billion. This marks a historic Series B financing round, surpassing the valuation of Facebook's Series B by a staggering twelvefold. Notably, the financing round attracted interest from 27 strategic investors, including major hospitals, leading universities, prominent venture capitalists, innovative clinics, and top-tier law firms, underscoring the market's confidence in NeuroVigil's potential.

The iBrain™ launch heralds a new era in non-invasive brain monitoring. Positioned as an investigational product, it aims to screen for biomarkers associated with conditions like apnea, aneurysms, and adverse drug effects in asymptomatic individuals. Noteworthy collaborations with industry giants like Roche and Novartis have already borne fruit, with these companies becoming NeuroVigil's first paying clients in over a decade. However, initial restrictions prevent physicians from adjusting patient therapy solely based on iBrain™ data until FDA-approved testing is completed.

In its next phase, NeuroVigil plans to introduce the compact iBrain 3, designed to detect early signs of brain tumors and Parkinson's disease. This initiative, spurred by the late NeuroVigil consultant Stephen Hawking's request, has resulted in the granting of 48 patents, with more pending approval. Moreover, NeuroVigil is exploring partnerships with American, German, and Japanese automotive groups to revolutionize driver monitoring and electric battery management using innovative techniques like Dynamic Spectral Scoring (DSS).

Renowned for its non-invasiveness and lack of animal testing, iBrain™ has earned the moniker "the iPhone of neuroscience." Its arrival has garnered significant acclaim, with The New York Times describing it as "an innovation poised to reshape our future."


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