Novosound Expands US Healthcare and Wearable Ultrasound Operations

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Novosound, a Scottish startup, has significantly expanded its footprint in the United States, particularly in the realms of healthcare and wireless wearable ultrasound technologies. A key highlight is the recent collaboration with a distinguished cardiovascular surgeon in the U.S., marking a substantial leap forward for the company.

Beyond healthcare, Novosound is actively penetrating diverse sectors, showcasing a robust presence in technology on the West Coast. Notably, the company has made inroads into renewables, energy, and space exploration, exemplified by their introductory visit to Axiom Space. The collaboration with the UK Space Agency and ongoing partnerships with PAVmed Inc. and dSound in the field of medical imaging are unfolding with noteworthy milestones.

In terms of growth, Novosound is experiencing a rapid expansion trajectory in North America. The company has achieved the remarkable feat of doubling its revenue for the fourth consecutive year, a testament to its success and market demand. Simultaneously, Novosound is augmenting its team with enhanced expertise, reinforcing its position as a prominent player in the evolving landscape of healthcare and technology.


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