NURO receives its fourth patent for the PAD helmet technology and for the detection of neurological disorders by AI

Friday, May 05, 2023

NURO, the global leader in non-invasive neurotechnology, announces that it has received its fourth patent for the PAD, a wireless portable neurological helmet technology for the early detection and the continuous monitoring of various neurological diseases and disorders, including Alzheimer's disease.

Unlike traditional fMRI and PET scanners which require substantial investments, dedicated hospital spaces and specialized personnel, this new device is designed to assist physicians in Primary Care with an ultra-rapid scan of key regions of the human brain assisted by live analysis, classification and immediate result sharing from AI Deep Learning methodologies.

"With the addition of this fourth patent to our IP portfolio, this time from the country of Canada, we are now in a position to expand the conversation around the PAD architecture with various collaborators in North America and beyond..., key clinical staff, researchers, investors, big pharma and more... and hopefully make it available soon to patients worldwide via their local doctors without the need to experience long delays from already-overwhelmed larger institutions. We aim to assist patients-at-risk and allow them to start tracking diligently, precisely and regularly with their general practitioners what is happening to their brain before they eventually get referred to more specialized institutions which may only see them once or twice a year." says Francois Gand, the Founder and CEO of NURO and the creator of the PAD.

This brand new, non-invasive, rapid and affordable methodology is bound to give unprecedented neurological insights which will assist the healthcare system worldwide as it is facing one of its largest challenges to date with an aging population and a set of neurological disorders projected to affect well over 100 million human beings within the current decade. As the pharmaceutical industry also looks at ways at reducing some of the impact caused by these neurological conditions, the PAD technology will also become a source of important de-identified neurological data across various conditions and timelines which is critically required by research, various phases of clinical trials and regulatory bodies.



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