NYU Langone Health and Philips Collaborate for Enhanced Patient Care and Outcomes with Advanced Health Technology

Friday, November 17, 2023

Health technology leader Philips and NYU Langone Health, a top-tier academic medical center, have recently unveiled an extensive 8-year strategic collaboration, valued at up to USD 115 million. This partnership is designed to revolutionize patient care by leveraging cutting-edge technologies. The collaboration enables real-time collaboration among NYU Langone clinicians, facilitating the sharing of pathology, imaging studies, and patient data to enhance diagnostic accuracy and customize individualized care plans. The integrated and collaborative approach is part of a broader initiative to expedite diagnosis and treatment, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Recognized as one of the nation's most digitally advanced health systems, NYU Langone Health is committed to harnessing technology to elevate patient care and outcomes. The adoption of new enterprise monitoring platforms and business models is a key focus for NYU Langone, aiming to enhance the patient experience, boost staff productivity, and reduce the overall cost of care. The institution's dedication to unified patient monitoring systems, simplified workflows, and standards-based interoperability aligns with its strategy to consolidate technology systems and ensure seamless access to data through its electronic medical record (EMR).

In this groundbreaking partnership, NYU Langone Health will integrate several of Philips' innovative solutions, including the IntelliSite Pathology solution, enterprise informatics, and AI-enabled diagnostic imaging technologies such as the Philips Lumify Handheld Ultrasound. Additionally, NYU Langone will deploy Philips Patient Information Center iX and Capsule Medical Device Information Platform (MDIP) to streamline workflows and harness the potential of data. The MDIP is specifically designed to aggregate data from various medical devices and systems into a cohesive view. With the predictable Enterprise Monitoring as a Services (EMaaS) subscription model, the combined solutions aim to provide seamless integration across NYU Langone's network.


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