Olympus launches an updated energy platform now fully available in the market

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Olympus Corporation has officially launched its latest ESG-410™ Surgical Energy Platform, expanding its capabilities to include ultrasonic dissection and hybrid energy applications. This innovative platform, designed for general surgery, thoracic surgery, urology, and gynecology, now supports THUNDERBEAT™ and SONICBEAT™ devices from the same generator. Notably, it boasts a 34% reduction in sealing time when utilizing the Seal Mode on THUNDERBEAT™ devices. With two monopolar, one bipolar, and two universal ports, the ESG-410 is the first generator accommodating the five commonly used energy modes in surgical settings (monopolar, bipolar, advanced bipolar, ultrasonic, and hybrid energy).

Apart from its ultrasonic/hybrid energy capabilities, the ESG-410 Platform enhances performance for TURis procedures, featuring improved plasma stability during ignition while requiring less energy for ignition compared to its predecessor. The inclusion of Olympus' Mode Designer technology facilitates "plug and play" instrument recognition and optimization for existing and future Olympus devices, including the POWERSEAL™ family of advanced bipolar sealer/dividers, without the need for software upgrades.

Additionally, the ESG-410 offers benefits such as a compact footprint compared to multiple generators, wired and wireless footswitches for improved maneuverability during procedures, simplified mode selection through the "Simple Modes" menu, and an 8.4" LCD touch screen for clear information visualization and user-friendly interaction. As part of the Olympus energy portfolio, the ESG-410 Surgical Energy Platform serves as an all-in-one energy solution for various surgical applications, contributing to the efficiency and effectiveness of operating rooms.


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