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Orlando Health Enhances Virtual Care Capabilities with AI-Driven ThinkAndor® Virtual Nursing Module Implementation

Monday, October 09, 2023

ThinkAndor® has expanded Orlando Health's inpatient virtual care capabilities through the implementation of virtual nursing within the ThinkAndor® Virtual Hospital. This technology enables nurses to allocate more of their time to patient care and aligns with Orlando Health's strategy to streamline hospital operations through a unified virtual care platform, rather than relying on separate solutions. This approach leverages AI-driven software, including advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, to enhance patient care, streamline staff coordination, and improve operational efficiency.

The ThinkAndor® Virtual Hospital incorporates cutting-edge technologies, including AI models such as Open AI and ChatGPT, to provide real-time insights into patient needs and facilitate seamless staff collaboration. This approach enables more effective interventions, improved patient outcomes, significant resource scaling, and enhanced operational efficiencies.

ThinkAndor®'s AI-powered virtual nursing module automates over 40% of nursing workflows using generative and transformative AI models. It proactively assists with tasks such as patient registration, in-patient nurse engagement, discharge planning, documentation management, and follow-up procedures. Additionally, it configures signals based on electronic medical records (EMR) data to automate intervention opportunities, coordinate care with caregivers and family members, and enhance overall patient care.

Darius Love, Assistant Vice President of Workforce Optimization and Redesign at Orlando Health, emphasized the technology's role in providing an additional layer of support for patients and improving overall safety.

Pritesh Patel, Chief Operating Officer of Andor Health, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Orlando Health and the shared goal of empowering healthcare providers with actionable insights and personalized care through the ThinkAndor® Clinical Co-pilot.

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