OrthoPediatrics Corp. Introduces the GIRO™ Growth Modulation System with Successful First Case Implementation

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

OrthoPediatrics Corp. recently announced the launch of their latest innovation, the GIRO™ Growth Modulation System, along with the successful completion of the first clinical case using this system. This significant development showcases OrthoPediatrics' commitment to advancing pediatric orthopedics.

The GIRO Growth Modulation System is specifically designed for pediatric patients and aims to correct angular deformities of long bones and limb length discrepancies. It offers two configurations: the GIRO Screw configuration, suitable for deformities in the femur, tibia, humerus, radius, ulna, or ankle, and the GIRO Post configuration, intended for limb length discrepancies in the femur and tibia. Notably, this marks the first FDA-cleared Pega Medical system launched by OrthoPediatrics, underscoring its importance within the company's portfolio of 50 pediatric orthopedic care systems.

In the inaugural case, the GIRO Growth Modulation System successfully treated a patient with bilateral femoral anteversion without the need for additional osteotomy. This approach offers several benefits, including a less invasive procedure, shorter recovery time, and reduced risk of complications. The system's low-profile implants make it a versatile and appealing option for treating angular deformities and limb length discrepancies in pediatric patients.

Joe Hauser, President of Trauma and Deformity Correction at OrthoPediatrics, expressed his excitement about reaching this milestone. He highlighted the collaboration with OrthoPediatrics Canada as a key factor in developing the GIRO Growth Modulation System. Hauser emphasized the system's potential to improve the care provided to pediatric patients and provide orthopedic surgeons with a valuable new treatment option.


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