OrthoPure® XT Secures Long-Term Distribution Agreement in the UK

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Tissue Regenix a regenerative medical device company, has recently signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Joint Operations Ltd, a leading distribution business in the UK. The agreement grants Joint Operations the exclusive rights to distribute Tissue Regenix's OrthoPure® XT product in the United Kingdom.

Under the initial three-year agreement, subject to annual purchase minimums, Joint Operations will incorporate OrthoPure® XT into its existing portfolio of products. Joint Operations has a strong presence in the UK market, supplying orthopedic equipment to both the National Health Service and the private sector. Their expertise lies in providing comprehensive orthopedic solutions for joint reconstruction and preservation surgeries.

OrthoPure® XT is a decellularized xenograft ligament that utilizes Tissue Regenix's patented dCELL® technology. It stands as the only non-human biologic graft available for specific anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction procedures in the market. It can also be used in the reconstruction of other knee ligaments, including multi-ligament and primary procedures where autografts are not suitable.

Richard Forster, the Managing Director of Joint Operations Ltd, expressed his excitement about the agreement and the opportunity to offer UK surgeons a unique xenograft option. He acknowledged the impressive clinical outcomes achieved through Tissue Regenix's clinical studies and anticipated replicating those results nationwide.

Daniel Lee, the Chief Executive Officer of Tissue Regenix, also expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing Joint Operations' expertise in orthopedic equipment distribution in the UK. Lee believes that the collaboration will expand their reach in the UK market, ensuring that healthcare professionals have access to their innovative medical technology, ultimately enhancing patient care.

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