Oxehealth Granted Regulatory Clearance for Sleep Monitoring in Mental Health

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Oxehealth, renowned for its leadership in intelligent patient monitoring within acute mental health, has unveiled its latest milestone: FDA and EU approvals for its groundbreaking sleep monitoring software.

This innovative technology marks a significant expansion of Oxehealth's contactless patient monitoring platform, enabling the assessment of patients' sleep/wake patterns with a precision akin to polysomnography.

The software delivers automated daily insights, empowering healthcare providers with invaluable data to inform clinical decision-making.

Recognizing the profound connection between sleep and mental health, Oxehealth's new solution addresses a longstanding challenge in obtaining objective and accurate sleep data for patients with acute mental illness.

The transformative potential of this technology in inpatient psychiatric settings, where traditional polysomnography equipment isn't feasible or safe. By offering actionable insights, clinical teams can tailor care plans, foster recovery, and even refine medication regimens, potentially optimizing hospital stays.

CEO Todd Haedrich expresses pride in this global breakthrough and extends an invitation to forward-thinking acute mental health providers to join Oxehealth's Innovators Program.

This initiative aims to harness technology to elevate care capabilities, ensuring the delivery of optimal treatment for patients in need.


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