Philips Launches Azurion Neuro Biplane System at #ECR2024 for Advanced Neurovascular Care

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Royal Philips has announced significant enhancements to its Image Guided Therapy System, Azurion, by introducing the innovative Azurion neuro biplane system. This new system is designed to streamline neurovascular procedures with improved 2D and 3D imaging capabilities and flexible X-ray detector positioning. It aims to empower healthcare teams to make quicker decisions, treat more patients, and achieve superior outcomes. At #ECR2024, Philips collaborates with healthcare providers to enhance productivity and facilitate sustainable healthcare access. Minimally invasive interventions facilitated by systems like Azurion are pivotal in stroke diagnosis and treatment, where time is critical in preserving patients' quality of life.

Additionally, these systems play a crucial role in intricate neurovascular procedures such as aneurysm repair. By enabling neuro interventionists to efficiently treat more patients, the Azurion neuro biplane system elevates both staff and patient experiences while contributing to reduced healthcare costs. Developed in close collaboration with leading interventionists, the Azurion neuro biplane system is optimized for superior patient care, angio suite performance, and cost-effectiveness. Leveraging ClarityIQ low-dose imaging and a suite of neuro-dedicated tools, the system offers unprecedented efficiency and control.

Notable features include enhanced C-arm rotation, angulation, and parking facilities for seamless transition between 2D and 3D imaging, comprehensive table-side control, automatic beam rotation, and an improved head immobilizer to support enhanced stroke care. With stroke affecting one in four adults globally, early treatment is paramount to mitigating its personal, societal, and financial impact. The Azurion neuro biplane system underscores the importance of timely intervention in optimizing stroke outcomes.




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